Kick-off meeting- Valencia 13-14 November 2019

The kick-off meeting took place on the Agromuseo Vera, managed by the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia. During the first day partners also had a guided visit to the museum and could learn about traditional practices on agriculture from the Valencia region.

Participants on the meeting were project managers from participant organizations and/or the main researchers that will participate on project implementation.

1- Jesper introduced himself and Arctic Circle Business.

2- Guillermo Palau introduced the UPV

3- Miguel Vidal presented the CIPFP Misericordia

4- Almudena Gonzalez presented MEC

5- Juan Carlos Martinez Barrios presented CEEI Burgos

6- George Angelakis introduced CIHEAM-Maich

7- Zuhal Basar presented Emin Emin Kasapoglu Cok Programli Anadolu Lisesi

8- Hlif Linnetved introduced Visit Greenland

Jannie Henneberg Jørgensen, as part of the Danish National Agency, introduced the Danish National Agency and the roles and responsibilities within the project for the coordinator and the partners.

Jesper, as project coordinator, showed a short presentation with the project overview and the main indicators, roles and responsibilities, so each partner could have the full picture of the project.