TOURNET- Cross-sectoral networks for sustainable tourism; funded under the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission; has as main aim stimulating innovation in tourism training programs and also to stimulate entrepreneurship.

The main topic of this project is the Cross-Sector Tourism Networks for Sustainable Tourism (CSTN). As a strategy, this is a novel philosophy of grouping small tourism entrepreneurs in a sustainable destination and act as an umbrella environment to help entrepreneurs.

During this project, the following results will be produced:

–          Online course with the management tools of CSTN.

–         Digital manual for sustainable tourist destinations and EcoBrand.

–          APP for the establishment of the CSTN.

Online course will be combined with face-to-face sessions in Greenland and Greece.

Project is coordinated by Arctic Circle Business (Greenland); an independent organisation with the main goal of strengthening the local business community.